The 3 questions that will transform your marketing.

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It would be easy to see this as being all about the creativity, but actually, it’s very much about results too. Getting the brief right at the outset makes a difference. We know, we’ve got the results to prove it!

Alistair Copley

"Just as I would expect. Real insights and outstanding guidance – this will  make a difference to the quality and outcome of any project!"

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What marketers are saying:

  • Nick Jefferson

    The Marketing Society

    In an age where so much of our world is dominated by beige conservatism, this clarion call to jam briefs with conviction and to avoid the insipid, is very welcome, as is the constant urge to include rather than exclude.

  • Susan Room

    Trusted Adviser to Chairmen and CEOs and Fellow of the RSA

    This long-overdue advice with accompanying simple tools will help you write an imaginative and effective creative brief. They have successfully synthesised what is often a tortuous and sloppy process. It’s a simple process that packs a big punch.

  • Peter Ellingworth

    Chief Executive, Association of British Healthcare Industries

    Just as I would expect – real insights and outstanding guidance – this will  make a difference to the quality and outcome of any project!

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3 important strategies that will transform your briefs:

  1. Why will your customers care? You want your campaign to instantly resonate with your customers. You want them to get it instinctively. To do this effectively you need to provide the creative team with a compelling and contagious truth, otherwise known as an insight.
  2. How will you measure effectiveness? Knowing how you’re going to measure the results of a campaign can make a big difference to the kind of campaign you produce. It determines the way media is used and the types of idea deployed. 
  3. Who and what will determine success? There are two aspects to this: corporate parameters and your own personal beliefs. The creative team needs to know both at the outset. Often they don’t find out until the campaign is close to launch, which leads to the inevitable compromise and weakening  of the campaign.

About the authors: Stephen & Kate

Stephen and Kate have many years’ experience, having worked for, run and owned a number of well known agencies. Over the years, they have built up techniques, tools, processes and ideas to stimulate the imagination. In 2014 they formed Page & Page – an independent consultancy focused on creativity, brand, design and communication. They believe any creative process has to be inclusive, encouraging clients to work directly with the creative team.

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