Can you smell burning?

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Healthcare professionals are overwhelmed, time poor and firefighting

So why do we still need to give them a burning platform

Healthcare professionals have been exposed to significant industry changes over the last thirty years: budgets have increasingly been cut and resources have dramatically been stretched. You have probably been aware of it happening, but you may not have connected it with your own frustrations.

We understand that you try, over and over again, to earn the attention of your audience and to immerse them in the experience of your brand. We know the metrics show that they search, they listen, they visit, they view, they even momentarily engage – but still, do they really hear you?

And should we really blame them? From their perspective, the only way for them to survive the ceaseless wall of white noise generated by their colleagues, customers, patients, suppliers, and managers, via multiple channels, is with a hard heart and cloth ears.

Let’s face it, they’re overwhelmed, time poor and firefighting!

Perhaps the best way, to truly get their undivided attention, is to fan the flames? To point out just how hot it’s getting and exactly what sort of fire it is. By defining their problem for them (their burning platform) and by providing your brand as the solution, we gain both their respect and their time. And we give them value.

At Page & Page, there are three pragmatic questions we work through to understand your audience:

  1. Who are they? We create personas – an imaged typical customer, gleaning insights from marketing, sales and often from healthcare professionals themselves.
  2. How can we help them to solve their problem and put those big flames out?
    (As opposed to what do you want to sell them?) Here is where we apply imagination in the most direct and inspiring way possible.
  3. What’s the business case? We devise a strategy that ensures there’s a sound business case with measurable results to aim for.

Works every time! If you think you’d be interested in hearing more about it, feel free to contact me:

Ps) We’re so confident in our approach that in January 2018, we will be publishing important findings demonstrating the type of ‘stops them in their tracks’ information that will have them giving you their undivided attention. If you’d be interested in receiving a copy of the report, please drop me a line:

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