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Clare Bates
Page & Page welcomes Clare Bates to the team as Editorial Director
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Page & Page is delighted to welcome Clare Bates to their rapidly expanding team. She brings 17 years’ experience which includes developing content for the pharma and medical devices industries.

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PM Society
PM Society Awards
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Page & Page has been shortlisted for an award!

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bear tied up by two foxes
Givers and Takers
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Have we lost the ability to identify the difference between net givers and net takers of energy?

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Focus on doing one thing well
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Does pharma have something to learn from Welsh jeans maker Hiut Denim when it comes to focus?

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The Best Christmas TV Adverts 2018
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A rundown of 2018’s Christmas adverts, featuring John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, Heathrow airport and Aldi.

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Marketing to healthcare professionals – what’s the missing ingredient?
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What do you think is the difference between a campaign developed to win share-of-mind with consumers and a campaign designed to gain the attention of healthcare professionals? You might think this is a naïve question. It feels like it is, but if this is the case, why do marketers, brand builders, creatives and communicators from…

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film set
Video – The importance of efficient ideas
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With the right idea, video is a powerful tool within any industry, with the wrong idea it can become a time-consuming money sponge. An efficient idea is a must.

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floating bottle
Is healthcare behaving badly with plastic?
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It’s time for the healthcare sector to demonstrate leadership in plastic recycling and the use of sustainable plastics.

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Excitement in the Office
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There’s a real buzz in the office today as we head to the PMEA awards this evening. We’re excited to be sponsoring the event and looking forward to celebrating everyone’s successes throughout the night. We are also shortlisted for an award so those of us not attending will be waiting with bated breath to hear…

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Finalists in the PMEA awards
1024 661 Page & Page

Page & Page strive to do extraordinary things for extraordinary people, creating campaigns with a collaborative approach. We use insight-driven communication strategies and a diverse range of media capabilities to ensure better business results. Our work has been shortlisted for the “Excellence in Marketing Established Products” award. The PMEA programme recognises work that delivers clearly…

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Happy Halloween
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It’s Halloween and the Page & Page team have been celebrating. Not only is it Halloween. It is the end of our financial year and it has been another year of growth and some truly fabulous work that we’re really proud of. A big thank you to all of our spooky clients.  

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We’re looking for a writer
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This is a unique opportunity for the right person. We have an increasing need for more writers who can work with us to develop compelling content for our very special clients. You will need to have the right attitude, our culture is important to us. The role requires someone who enjoys writing content and has…

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Can we talk about the ego-bias and chemicals influencing your target audience’s behaviour?
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Do you ever think about how your carefully crafted and precisely targeted communications impact the mind of your target audience? Of course, you do. Sometimes it is probably all you think about – that nervous anticipation of reporting on the results of your organisation’s investment in a campaign that you hope will increase sales. However,…

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Watching TV
The power of video
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Last year video accounted for 73% of global traffic, with a surprisingly small percentage of that being footage of adorably fluffy kittens/puppies/insert favourite infant animal, or even people ‘accidentally’ injuring themselves in hilarious and evermore imaginative ways.

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Page & Page are Growing
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Page & Page create big work and therefore need a growing team. With more work coming in than ever, Page & Page needed extra hands on deck. In the last month the business has taken on 4 new starters Paul Hunt (Creative), Harriet Turner (Account Manager), Jess Baldock (Junior Copywriter) and Michelle Burt (Marketing Assistant)…

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Apple Watch Series 4: Friend or foe to our health?
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I was once told that health anxiety (often known as hypochondriasis) is one of the most common types of anxiety. Specifically as health is something that we (humans) have pretty much no control over. ‘Good’ health is often down to the luck of the draw. Or in our case, ‘luck of the genes’. Personal health…

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Seduce anyone in four simple steps
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Why no campaign succeeds without an insight You know the health of the global economy is dependent on our ability to seduce one another – don’t you? And you know that we need to be able to do it quickly too, don’t you? A recent study by Microsoft shows that our ability to focus, even…

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Money, Sex, Power
Money, sex and power
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Money, sex, power? Perhaps love? What really makes your world go round? If you use the perspective that Maslow kindly offered and superficially peruse social and broadcast media you might be led to conclude that society has spent the last few years regressing in this regard as quickly as Apple have issued each new generation…

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You really don’t want the music to stop
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A few years ago there was a seminar hosted at Global Radio in which we were asked a simple question: why is radio suited to travel and tourism marketing? Surely travel and tourism marketing is best suited to visual media, beautiful pictures of the white sand beaches of the Seychelles or the majestic architecture of…

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segmentation pie
If you’re not thinking segmentation, you’re not thinking
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Having a background in market research I’ve been lucky to work on a number of customer segmentation projects in my time but working in creative communications it is still too rare that I come across what I would call a proper psychographic or ‘mindset’ segmentation.  Instead, many marketers simply group customers into the brand adoption…

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