What do you think is the most important aspect of a creative brief?

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At Page & Page we believe one of the most important aspects of a brief is the single-net impression. The short statement that sums up what we’d like the target audience to hold in their mind’s eye once they’ve encountered the communication we’ve directed at them. We work hard to ensure any brief we develop drives towards a decent sound bite that everyone, from the creative team to the planner and marketing or communications team, is bought into.

And it has to be single-net otherwise it’s a bit like when someone stops you in the street to ask for directions; it can get tricky. Anything more than a very singular, “go to the end of the street and turn right,” can take up half the afternoon. You patiently have to go over and over each point until they’ve got it.

The single-net impression is the part of the brief that is going to make itself felt, via a campaign, ultimately reaching the target audience as uncorrupted as possible.

So, anything other than a very singular net impression is actually more difficult than giving directions. It would be as if you were spending your afternoon patiently explaining all the lefts and rights only for your listener to then go and try to explain it to a large crowd.

For us the single-net impression is the point the brief drives to, the red thread we want to carry through a campaign. That’s why in our book, Forget the Box, we describe a good brief as being a bit like a signpost at junction. It has to point in one direction with complete and utter conviction.

What do you think the most important element of a brief is?

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