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Harness your secret purpose, build your brand and grow your business

You want to grow your brand

That’s not a secret – you’re probably quite open about that…

…but if you want to grow your business and you’re engaged in developing visual communication of some sort please read this short piece – it is our way of passing on some of the most important things we’ve ever learned.

We have three very valuable, practical bits of help to offer whatever you are working on, be it an integrated campaign, or something tactical like an app, website, sales material, exhibition or poster campaign. This practical advice will help you to find your secret purpose (and make you very successful…).

We’ve learned that if you want to win a share of your target audience’s busy headspace it is fatal for your brand to focus on the features, advantages and benefits of whatever service or product you are selling. We’ve also learned that without realising it, you probably ARE focusing on these things. This is because you haven’t found your secret purpose yet.

Brands clearly connected to improving people’s lives outperform all others

‘Grow’ by Jim Stengel, is probably the most respected business book to be published in the last five years. It’s based on data from a ten-year growth study of more than 50,000 brands which shows that brands with a purpose clearly connected to improving people’s lives outperform their markets by a huge margin. The top 50 Grow brands out-performed Standard & Poor’s 500 stocks and shares by 400 per cent.

We know, as you read this, you are nodding in agreement. These days everyone agrees that the best way to win a share of a chosen audience’s mind is to make sure a campaign is explicit in promoting a higher purpose. As Simon Sinek, author of ‘Start with why’ and the man listed within the top three TED talks of all time, makes clear – we are biologically programmed to respond instinctively to why something is being done, not to what is being done.

Simon’s methodology gets us all a little closer to our secret purpose.

Your last campaign


So, why is it, if you review the last time you developed a campaign, you’ll see that most of the content is focused on the features, advantages and benefits of what it is that you were selling? How did your ‘great purpose’ and the way you were going to make a difference become so… …well secret and invisible?

At Page & Page we believe it is down to the wrong process and strategy being used resulting in an uninspiring brief.

Three steps to a better focus on purpose

(Or find your secret purpose and be very successful)

We’d like to offer you three attainable steps that will ensure a tighter focus on THE purpose: a better process and strategy and a more inspiring brief.

1 The process

 Establish a clear process. At Page & Page we use the one established by the Design Council: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. The Discover and Define phases are ruthless disciplinary aspects of this process. They demand within any project that we know ‘why’ we’re doing something.

2 The strategy

Work out how to engage a target audience in a meaningful dialogue. That means communication that reaches the top half of their ‘to do’ list – or at least proves a reasonable distraction from their ‘to do’ list. And it must be two-way communication. In other words, how to get people engaged in a dialogue.

To accomplish this we need to understand how our  target audience like to communicate. We think about the context and aim to be as granular as possible:

  1. What are their current media habits?
  2. What do they believe in?
  3. What is going on in the space they occupy?
  4. What might be the unmet need?

And now for the secret purpose you haven’t found yet but will make you very successful:

Once you understand your target audience a little better, introduce who you are and what you belive in into the equation. That’s the secret ingredient. Be clear about who you are and what you want to achieve. People buy from people because they share values, style and can relate to one another. Brand building is all about leadership, so developing campaigns that help businesses grow is not an academic exercise. When it is instinctive, emotive and authentic it is highly effective.

Warning: don’t do this at home, alone, without expert facilitation (from Page & Page), without collaborating (with other stakeholders) or without then carefully executing step three.

Collaboration and the art of it is really important. It’s where Page & Page can really help – we facilitate lots of workshops, helping clients build consensus with a wide range of stakeholders.


3 An inspiring brief

Take the time to write an inspiring brief. In a survey we conducted amongst writers, designers, art directors and other creatives 23% said they expected to see an inspiring creative brief, at best once or twice a year. The other 77% only saw an inspiring brief once in a blue moon.

In other words the people we all depend on to develop a great campaign generally don’t get very excited about our offering. Why would they if all we’re doing is banging on about the features and benefits of yet another competing product or service? And if the professional communicators aren’t excited why would your target audience get excited?

An inspiring brief has a cause at its centre, it has heart and personality, and it is structured around insights, values and beliefs.

(For further help on writing inspiring briefs visit or email me at and we’ll send you a copy of our book on brief writing.



We wanted to impart three very valuable, practical bits of help that will ensure you grow your brand. We believe the more closely you associate your beliefs and motivations (your secret purpose) with the brand you’re working on the more successful you’ll be.

 For more information and a free session that uncovers your secret purpose give us a call on (0)20 8617 8250.

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