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What is it we really want?

Do we really want to be innovative and creative, or just play it safe?

Creating real brand standout has never been harder. Increased competition and availability, means audiences now have access to numerous competing brands, often with little differentiation between them.

And with features and benefits on an almost equal footing, the pressure is on for brands to be more creative and innovative, in order to build strong, meaningful and unique connections with their audiences.

But does this focus on creativity and innovation represent great opportunity, or a big risk, to marketers?


Are great ideas just too much of a risk for some businesses?

Breaking away from the norms, or previously tried and tested strategies and tactics, may open up new possibilities, but for many it equates to the feeling of being exposed within a business.

Pushing the limits to develop new ideas for your brand, can put you in the firing line – literally!

This can lead brands and marketers to view creativity and innovation as something desirable, yet also highly risky.

Yet these risks have little to do with the ideas themselves, and more to do with the confines, pressures and expectations that surround them.

But in order for brand marketers to have the confidence to creatively stick their heads above the parapet, they need the full support of their agency, their team and the business.

Better process to remove risk

They also need the right process and tools to underpin that level of support. The focus of this should be on inclusivity, clarity and engagement.

Getting buy-in at all levels ensures that creativity and innovation have parameters and measures that allow them to flourish while remaining within a framework which delivers the results needed for the brand and the business.

Being clear on measures of success may take different forms for different stakeholders, possibly meeting short-term tactical business objectives and longer term brand objectives. Having clarity and measurability on success, allows different stakeholder objectives to be understood, fostering greater levels of support for creativity and innovation within the business.

What really underpins this process of removing risk from creativity and innovation, is collaboration and engagement.

The essential ingredients for success

Creativity and innovation are not just the domain of the creative agencies. Indeed it’s the brand team within the business that are the long-term brand guardians and are an essential ingredient and catalyst in driving campaigns.

The focus of this drive should be the creative brief – which is there to stimulate and engage creative teams – providing ideas, insights, desired results and outcomes, as well as measures of success.

Inclusivity, clarity, engagement and a great creative brief

Bringing inclusivity, clarity and engagement into your creative briefs will ensure you’re getting the most out of your team and agency in terms of creativity and innovation, whilst also maintaining the support of the business at every level.

If you’d like to learn more about how to free your imagination and inject greater creativity into your campaigns, without taking a risk, you can download our free research report, which highlights the 3 most important questions you need to answer in your creative briefs.

You can find our more information and download this research report right here:




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