What are your ‘Morning Pages’?

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Julia Cameron, author of The Artists Way promotes the practice of ‘Morning Pages’ – a daily exercise involving three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, meant to be done first thing each morning as a way to ‘catch yourself before your ego’s defences are in place.’

Cameron calls it ‘the bedrock tool of a creative recovery’, which got us thinking. What are the ways in which we engage with our creative mind? How do we spark our imagination and promote creative thinking?

Perhaps you’ve taken a literal page out of Cameron’s book and committed to writing three sides of A4 first thing each morning. Or maybe it’s a long walk that gets your creative juices flowing. Some of us might find creativity in the most unlikely of places – soaping up in the shower, daydreaming whilst listening to your favourite Prince album, or going for a good old fashion people watching outing in the park.
Here at Page & Page, we take to flipchart sessions, working out new ideas and concepts for clients, walks around our beautiful Eel Pie Island or (our favourite) a sunny daydream on our comfy brown leather sofa whilst playing Idea Spaghetti (although it seems our resident office cat Sidly finds his creative inspiration in the form of a sunny cat nap).

However you go about it, it is essential to incorporate some kind of creative outlet into your daily routine because without them, it’s hard to imagine we’re tapping into the full potential that creates beautiful, inspiring and imaginative work.

So we wonder – what is your creative outlet?

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