About us

We specialise in health, wellness and lifestyle. We apply our imagination – along with our experience – to make your brand more effective.

We are here to help extraordinary people do extraordinary things. Things that take more effort, more imagination, more guts.

We are focused on giving people like you the tools, the people, the room and the support to turn your thinking into real success. And that focus means that we simply cannot afford to waste time on anyone who doesn’t think differently.

We’re a bit unusual like that. But then so are you.

What we do

Foxes, bears & the power of imagination

Persuading people to listen is not easy, yet our clients consistently succeed in changing perceptions and, ultimately, changing behaviours. Creative communications have a key role to play.

Imagination needs to be directed, and we have a proven framework for creativity and communication that enables us to find the answers that elude others. Our process is a formula that not only unearths the solution, but also limits your risk by ensuring your budget is deployed in the most effective way.

The power of imagination, harnessed.

Our Work

Every campaign we develop is based upon an audience insight. It’s using this insight creatively that ensures our clients get the business results they need.

We describe it as effective creativity from better process

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Latest News

Success breeds success
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This week we received exciting news that we have been shortlisted for the Times Business Awards 2019, Tunbridge Wells, in the ‘Best Business 1-25 Employees’ category.

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Shortlist Success
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We are really excited to have been shortlisted in The Say Communications Award for Excellence in Integrated Product/Brand Communications category at the Communique Awards. Working with Fresenius Kabi, P&P has developed a campaign to ensure that the challenge of hydration is appropriately understood and addressed within the NHS, and amongst community stakeholders. The Communique Awards aim…

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Investing in our People
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As a small, boutique agency we can invest heavily in our team, and produce amazing results for our clients. Last weekend we held our annual company meeting in Palma to discuss company strategy and celebrate our achievements so far this year.

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